Micron has also ‘sold out’ of HBM DRAMs for 2024

Micron has also ‘sold out’ of HBM DRAMs for 2024

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By Peter Clarke

Micron Technology Inc. (Boise, Idaho) has followed rival SK Hynix Inc. in announcing it has sold out of the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) format DRAMs that are specified for use with AI GPUs from Nvidia and others.

“Our HBM is sold out for calendar 2024, and the overwhelming majority of our 2025 supply has already been allocated,” said Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra during a conference call March 20 to discuss the company’s 2Q financial results.

Kitae Kim, head of HBM sales & marketing at SK Hynix had announced that his company was sold out, in an interview posted on SK Hynix’ website on February 21 (see SK Hynix has ‘sold out’ of HBM DRAMs for 2024).

SK Hynix has been the market leader in HBM memories in 2022 and 2023 and is reckoned to control more than 50 percent of the market but with the advent of 12-high HBM3E components with 36Gbyte capacity, Samsung and Micron are eager to capitalize on demand and SK Hynix’ inability to meet it.

Micron with Nvidia H200

Micron said its 8-high 24Gbyte HBM3E DRAMs will ship with NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPUs in 2Q24 while 12-high 36Gbyte GBM3E DRAM samples are now available.

“We continue to expect HBM bit share [to be] equivalent to our overall DRAM bit share some time in calendar 2025. Earlier this month, we sampled our 12-high HBM3E product, which provides 50 percent increased capacity of DRAM per cube to 36Gbyte. This increase in capacity allows our customers to pack more memory per GPU, enabling more powerful AI training and inference solutions,” said Mehrotra in the conference call.

“We expect 12-high HBM3E will start ramping in high-volume production and increase in mix throughout 2025. We have a robust roadmap and we are confident we will maintain our technology leadership with HBM4, the next generation of HBM, which will provide further performance and capacity enhancements compared to HBM3E,” he added.

For its fiscal 2Q24 Micron reported a GAAP net income of $793 million on revenue of $5.82 billion. The revenue compares with $4.73 billion for the prior quarter and $3.69 billion for the same period in the previous year.

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