Micron to ship 232-layer 3D-NAND memory

Micron to ship 232-layer 3D-NAND memory

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By Peter Clarke

Micron Technology is to start shipping its next generation of 3D-NAND memory component, a 232-layer device, later this year with densities up to 1Tbit on a chip.

Scott DeBoer, Micron’s executive vice president for technology and products, disclosed a roadmap for 3D-NAND over the next decade that would go beyond 400 layers.

Micron already holds a strong position in 3D-NAND manufacturing 96- and 176-layer flash chips in volume. DeBoer said the company would start to ramp up manufacturing of the 232-layer flash late in calendar 2022. 

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The company showed a die of a 1Tbit 3D-NAND memory with a triple-level cell but DeBoer said Micron’s focus would include maintaining 4bit per cell leadership.

The memory would include CMOS under array technology and twin stack. Performance details will come later DeBoer said the 232-layer versions would provide increased density, power and bandwidth compared with the 176-layer generation.

Solid-state drives based on the higher capacity 3D-NAND devices are expected in 2023.

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