Microprocessor-based panel meter displays sensors’ data

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The compact unit is a precision inertial grade sensing instrument and is the most robust solution designed to meet the needs of a variety of commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications. The DSI-2000 Series Digital Display is a bench top high precision and accurate digital display for a wide variety of applications ranging from aerospace, industrial, marine, and laboratory. The microprocessor based touch screen display pairs with most of Jewell’s Inclinometer product offerings.

The DSI-2000 performs real time sampling and geometric conversion from the ±5VDC output of an inclinometer, or can serve as a limited range high precision voltage tester. The DSI-2000 offers in-field calibration capabilities and also offers USB Input as a product standard. Its 24-bit resolution and touch screen interface, make its user interface far superior to any other products available on the market today. The DSI-2000 will soon offer dual axis and USB output capabilities. The DSI-2000 can also be customized to any of our customers own unique specifications.

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