MicroRead NFC reference platform achieves NFC Forum certification

MicroRead NFC reference platform achieves NFC Forum certification

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Inside Secure MicroRead NFC solution received certification by the NFC Forum. This certification offers increased assurance that products using MicroRead solutions will work with other NFC-certified products throughout the world.
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The MicroRead chip, which is at the heart of Inside’s SecuRead NFC system-in- package, is the first product of its kind to demonstrate, by implementation of the reference platform, its conformance to the NFC Forum Device Requirements 1.0 standard for all NFC operating modes, making it able to provide NFC capabilities for products in a broad range of markets and use cases.

The NFC Forum Certification Program provides consistency in the behavior of NFC devices by confirming that products conform to the NFC Forum’s specifications. It offers increased assurance that NFC Forum-certified products will be interoperable with other NFC Forum-certified devices.

“Our MicroRead solution is the first NFC controller used in an NFC-Forum certified device that is capable of not only reader/writer functionality, but card emulation and peer-to-peer modes as well,” said Loic Hamon, Vice President Products and Marketing Mobile NFC Division at INSIDE Secure. “Achieving this certification reflects INSIDE’s leadership and commitment to open standards and maintaining complete interoperability with all other NFC Forum certified devices, and provides our customers with confidence that their MicroRead-based solutions will work everywhere.”

The rigorous certification testing was carried out by AT4 wireless in Malaga, Spain, an NFC Forum authorized test lab. “MicroRead is one of the most complete NFC products we have ever tested. It demonstrated 100 percent compliance with the applicable NFC Forum test requirements” said Jose de la Plaza, laboratory manager at AT4 wireless.

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