Microsemi and Analog Devices team for scalable SiC MOSFET drivers

Microsemi and Analog Devices team for scalable SiC MOSFET drivers

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By Nick Flaherty

The reference design uses a highly isolated SiC MOSFET dual-gate driver switch to provide a means for evaluating SiC MOSFETs in a number of topologies. This includes modes optimized for half-bridge switching with synchronous dead time protection and asynchronous signal transfer with no protection. It can also be configured to provide concurrent drive with the requirement to study unclamped inductive switching (UIS) or double pulse testing.

The reference design uses Analog Device’s ADuM4135 5KV isolated gate driver and supports the modification of gate resistor values to accommodate most Microsemi discrete SiC MOSFETs and modules. Microsemi has a module design centre for the technology in Ireland, as does Analog Devices.

“The dual SiC MOSFET driver reference design not only enables Microsemi customers to accelerate their product development efforts, but also accommodates the roll-out of our next-generation SiC MOSFETs to ensure a smooth transition for the end user,” said Jason Chiang, strategic marketing manager for Microsemi. “Customers taking a holistic view at power electronics design can use our new SiC driver solution to select the best driver and components for their designs, with the ability to scale to their specific SiC MOSFET needs.”

The design is aimed at a wide range of end markets and applications, including aerospace for actuation, air conditioning and power distribution, automotive for hybrid/electric vehicle powertrains, electric vehicle battery chargers, DC-to-DC converters, and energy recovery, and defence for power supply and high power motor drive. Microsemi also sees uses in industrial photovoltaic inverters, motor drives, welding,  uninterruptible power supply, switched-mode power supply, induction heating and oil drilling as well as medical designs for MRI and X-ray power supplies.

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Analog Devices’ isolated gate drivers with DESAT provides 6A gate drive capability with robust electrical isolation through its iCoupler optocoupler technoloogy. This is critical for long life and safe operation in high voltage power conversion systems and provides propagation delays better than 50 ns with channel-to-channel matching of less than 5ns, Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of better than >100KV/us and capability to support lifetime working voltages of up to 1500V DC in a single package.

Analog Devices is part of Microsemi’s Accelerate Ecosystem that brings together leading silicon, intellectual property (IP), systems, software and design experts to deliver validated board and system-level solutions, and SiC is a key focus. The technology improves system efficiency with 25-50% power output increases for the same physical dimensions, higher efficiency at higher switching frequencies over Insulated Gate Bipilar Transistors (IGBTs), reduced system size and weight, operating stability at temperatures over +175 ºC and significant cooling cost savings. 

According to market research firm Yole Développement, the SiC power market is forecasted to be more than $550 million in 2021, with a 2015-2021 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19 percent. 

The dual SiC driver reference design (MSCSICMDD/REF1), which includes an evaluation board, is available now. It is being shown at the PCIM show in Nuremberg this week. 

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