Microwave coaxial cables offer superior bandwidth up to 110GHz

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The Temp-Flex microwave coaxial cables are available with either a solid core fluoropolymer resin dielectric (low loss) or an air enhanced design with a fluoropolymer resin layer applied over dual monofilaments (ultra-low loss) around the centre conductor for increased signal speed. High purity fluoropolymer resin offers a low dissipation factor and ensures a lower rate of energy loss. Highly consistent manufacturing processes are used to maintain tight mechanical tolerances yielding extremely stable electrical performance. The ultra-low loss microwave coaxial cable feature phase stability, a tight impedance tolerance of 50 Ohms ± 1 Ohm, a tight time delay tolerance and a bandwidth potential up to 110GHz. A helically wrapped silver-plated copper flat wire shield and braid are applied to all cable sizes to achieve superior shielding effectiveness. The standard solid core (low loss) construction coaxial cable delivers 70 percent velocity of propagation (VOP), while the air enhanced dual monofilament design (ultra-low loss) achieves 85 to 88 percent velocity of propagation and improved insertion loss at high frequencies.

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