Microwave dielectric resonator oscillators offer high frequency stability

Microwave dielectric resonator oscillators offer high frequency stability

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By Graham Prophet

Using thin-film hybrid microcircuit technology, the devcies are designed for operation under severe environmental stress in applications such as military satellite-communications systems. These free-running oscillators achieve stability through their low temperature coefficient of frequency drift – 5 ppm/degC maximum – and a frequency pulling factor of less than 5 MHz peak-to-peak for a 1.5:1 VSWR varying through all phases.


Available with a choice of 13 operating frequency bands spanning 2.4 to 40 GHz, the devices deliver a minimum microwave output power of +13 dBm up to 16 GHz and +11 dBm between 16 and 40 GHz. The DROs exhibit low microphonics (noise caused by mechanical vibrations) and excellent phase noise performance, typically ranging from 105 dBc/Hz at 2.4 GHz to 70 dBc/Hz at 40 GHz for a 10 kHz frequency offset. All RF connectors are female SMA types and, depending on the frequency band, package sizes range from 36.83 x 26.67 x 12.19 mm to 69.85 x 53.34 x 23.62 mm excluding connectors and tuning elements.


The DROs can be optionally specified with voltage tuning, high output power capability and an extended temperature range of -54 to 95 degC.


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