Midrange oscilloscope offers 1 GHz, advanced debug tools

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The WaveSurfer 10 offers a selection of measurement, math and debug tools along with serial data protocol decoders. Its active probes make sure that the scope captures and analyses any type of waveform and simplify the debug process. These capabilities can still be enhanced significantly through the optional Advanced Debug Tool Kit which turns the WaveSurfer 10 into a powerful debug and analysis machine. The sample rate of 10 GS/s on all four channels, 32 Mpts of memory, sequence mode segmented memory, history mode waveform playback, 13 additional math functions, and 2 simultaneous math traces, all included in this powerful debug package, enable the WaveSurfer 10 to perform advanced analysis on long captures with 10x oversampling to find the root cause of problems. The LabNotebook documentation and report generation software enables users to save waveforms, setups, screen images, and report results for offline analysis.

LeCroy’s MAUI advanced user interface is designed for touch; all important oscilloscope controls, as well as positioning and zooming waveforms, moving cursors, configuring measurements and interacting with results are done with touch screen controls. MAUI is built for simplicity; basic features and advanced tools are seamlessly integrated to simplify operation. Time saving shortcuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup, and the intelligent display resizes waveforms and measurements to simplify debug.

The WaveSurver 10 is available immediately. It comes with a price tag of € 9,990 or GBP 8.640.

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