Mill-Max SMT Headers now also with .030” diameter pins

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The mating sockets are available in through-hole, right-angle and SMT configurations. These header and socket combinations are rated at 4.5A per pin for a 10° C temperature rise above ambient. The headers feature a round stub-tail termination providing the benefit of a reduced solder footprint inside the package outline. The .008” floating pin design compensates for the peaks and valleys found in uneven solder paste application on the board surface, promoting good solder joints. The 0,76mm diameter pins provide extra strength for applications where there is the potential for rough handling, such as for field service repairs or blind mating situations. With gold-plated pins assembled in high temperature thermoplastic, these headers are suitable for all SMT soldering operations and provide a highly reliable and durable connection. The headers are available in single row, series 349-10-1XX-00-560000, (2-64 positions) or double row series 449-10-2XX-00-560000 (4-64 positions: 2×2 – 2×32.)

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