Millimetre-thin thermal energy harvester to power quartz watches

Millimetre-thin thermal energy harvester to power quartz watches

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An Evercell power cell is made up of very thin, self-contained energy harvesting modules called “stacks.” By “stacking the stacks” in a single, solid state structure manufactured much like a semiconductor, the output of the Evercell can be multiplied. A typical Evercell to power an IoT wireless sensor will contain 30 to 50 stacks and will still be only a millimeter thick.The horizontal dimensions may vary but Evercell power cells will always be thin, explains the company’s website. Evercell is a passive-structure, semiconductor-based thermal energy harvester that exploits principles of quantum physics to produce a small, continuous flow of electric power (enough to power a quartz watch, for example) in virtually any environment.

As well as being extremely thin and lightweight, the Evercell power cells have no need for a measurable thermal gradient, explains the company in a demonstration video, noting that the actual physics happen at angström-thick level. In contrast to Evercell, conventional thermal energy harvesters require both significant thermal gradients and a bulky heatsink for operation, limiting the form factors of consumer products.

The company says it has had an Evercell demonstrator running since October 2016 which is still running, with the same output, in the few microwatts range.

“This will be a game-changing development for the quartz watch industry, as it eliminates the most unpleasant part of the ownership experience — looking at your watch only to find its battery is dead and having to spend the time, energy and money to have the battery replaced every couple of years,” stated Stefan Popov, managing partner of QuantumDrive. “In the future, it is conceivable that Evercell can play a role in the rapidly growing smart watch market as well.” The two partners anticipate that Evercell-powered quartz watches could be on the market in 2020 or 2021.

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