MIT creates new Center for Graphene Devices and Systems

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Most research studies have focused on the basic physical properties of graphene, which is a form of pure carbon arranged in a hexagonal lattice just one atom thick but the work at the new Center will go beyond this research, exploring advanced technologies and strategies that will lead to graphene-based materials, devices and systems for a variety of applications. The graphene-enabled systems will target a variety of  applications including energy generation, smart fabrics and materials, radio-frequency communications, and sensing.     

The Center coordinates the work of the more than 15 MIT research groups working on graphene, and leverages several existing collaborative efforts in graphene science that currently exist on campus, including a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant (MURI) from the Office of Naval Research with Harvard and Boston University, as well as a regular Boston-Area CarbOn Nanoscience (BACON) Meeting.     

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