MIT technology gives world’s smallest laptop charger

MIT technology gives world’s smallest laptop charger

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By Nick Flaherty

The 65W Dart charger is up to four times smaller and lighter than the charger that shipped with a standard and adds a 2.1A auxiliary USB port. This allows it to charge a laptop plus USB device, such as a smartphone or tablet, simultaneously and follows a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

“The reality is that all modern electronics still come with a clunky AC/DC power converter that is really inconvenient to carry. Dart eliminates the bulk, making it easy to throw in a pocket and have on hand when you need it most,” said Vanessa Green, CEO of FINsix. “With Dart, we aim to lighten the load and provide a sleek, universal charging accessory that fits perfectly into a mobile lifestyle.”

The reduction in size is enabled by patented 75MHz high-frequency power conversion technology first developed at MIT and launched as OnChip Power that can reach power densities of 2kW per cubic inch. The launch of Dart follows the development of optimised MOSFETs using the high frequency topology that led to an announcement in January 2016 of a partnership with Lenovo for a 65W Micro Adapter for ThinkPad laptops.

“We’re not really an adapter company; we’re creating the commercially enabled technology to allow VHF power converters to become a significant portion of the market,” said co-founder and CTO Anthony Sagneri who was a researcher at MIT. “The idea is to help people reimagine the power delivery in their systems. In places where that’s a bottleneck — which it continues to be, as devices get more dense and capable — it helps the rest of technology progress.”

Sagneri’s thesis is here


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