Mitsubishi to build 200mm SiC fab, assembly plant

Mitsubishi to build 200mm SiC fab, assembly plant

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By Nick Flaherty

Mitsubishi Electric is to build a 200mm fab for silicon carbide devices in Japan as part of a $760m boost in its spending plans.

This is a doubling of its previously announced its investment plan to 2026 to approximately Y260bn ($2bn) and aims to preserve its position as the leading SiC power module supplier in areas such as home appliances, industrial equipment and rail, including the world’s first SiC power modules for air conditioners and high-speed trains.

Mitsubishi also owns power module maker Vincotech in Hungary.

The new factory in Japan will incorporate an owned facility in the Shisui area of Kumamoto Prefecture to produce devices using 200mm (8in) SiC wafers which are only just coming to market as well as a clean room featuring state-of-the-art energy efficiency and high-level automated production efficiency.

The company will also boost production facilities for existing 150mm (8in) SiC wafers to meet growing demand.

$76m will be used for a new factory that will consolidate existing operations, currently dispersed throughout the Fukuoka area, for the assembly and inspection of power semiconductors. The integration of design, development and production technology verification will greatly enhance the company’s development capabilities and facilitate timely mass production in response to market demand.

The remaining $1509m, all new investment, will be targeted at equipment enhancements, environmental arrangements and related operations.

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