Mixed layout Hi-Rel connectors available off the shelf

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By Nick Flaherty

Harwin has expanded the contact layout options of its Gecko-MT high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors.

The mixed layout variants the new variants have been added to complement the existing symmetrical 2-power/8-signal and 4-power/8-signal layouts.

There are 6 new contact arrangements that feature 2 to 6 power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts. These have a non-symmetrical structure, with the power contacts situated at one end and the data contacts at the other. The power contacts have a 10A current rating, and the signal contacts are rated for 2.8A (maximum).

A range of hardware fixings are available for each contact layout. Both male and female connectors can be supplied in either standard gender or reverse fix. There are front and rear panel mount options, plus board-mount fixings to reduce any strain placed on solder joints. In total, 72 extra Gecko-MT connector variants have been added.

As with all the Gecko connectors in Harwin’s HRi product offering, these latest variants have high resilience to shock and vibration, plus compact size and lightweight construction. They support a -65°C to +150°C operating temperature range, and 1,000 (minimum) mating cycle durability . Evaluation samples are available on request.

“Our Gecko-MT range has already proved very popular with our customers in the aviation, space and high-end industrial markets. These components provide a very effective way of reducing component count and saving PCB real estate by taking care of both power and data delivery,” said Ryan Smart, Head of Product Management at Harwin.

“Based on customer demand for a greater scope of different options, we’ve scaled up the number of variants. There is now a much wider choice of power and signal configurations, fitted with all our locking mechanism variations.”

All the Harwin Gecko-MT connectors can be shipped from stock. The company also provides a cable assembly service on all Gecko connectors – supplying ready-made, full inspected harnesses.

The connectors are designed and manufactured at Harwin’s production facilities in Portsmouth, UK, with the three product ranges, HRi, BBi and EZi. The HRi sereies features high-reliability products – Gecko, Datamate, M300 and Kona.

The BBi series features board-to-board products with the Archer Kontrol durable industrial connectors, Archer .5, and Archer .8 high-speed mezzanine connectors.

The EZi range features board-level hardware and accessories for EMI/RFI shielding cans and board-level hardware, including spacers spring contacts, cable clips, and jumper links.


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