Mixed signal multi-level process for 15kV on-chip capacitors

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By Nick Flaherty

The multi-level thick IMD process consists of back-end-of-line process module including IMD with a thickness fom 5μm to 6μm per metal layer. Depending on the breakdown and capacitance requirements, up to three layers can be stacked together for metal-insulator-metal capacitors with insulator thickness in the range of 5μm to 20μm. This capacitor will withstand from about 4kV to 15kV before breakdown, which is suitable for capacitive isolation of a digital signal from ultra-high voltage noise from outside environments.

Demand for digital isolators is growing for noise-immune electronics products commonly found in electric vehicles and in industrial, communications and healthcare applications as a substitute for conventional optocouplers. Digital isolators have higher performance and reliability and can achieve higher levels of integration at lower cost compared to optocouplers and industry analyst expects the worldwide digital isolator market will reach approximately $2bn by 2023.

The multi-level thick IMD process module, which has already passed the reliability requirements for automotive AEC Q-100, is now integrated into MagnaChip’s 0.18μm BCD and Mixed Signal process technologies. The Process Design Kit is available to support on-chip integration.



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