Mobile network testing solution supports realtime service quality monitoring

Mobile network testing solution supports realtime service quality monitoring

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By Paul Buckley

SmartMonitor provides an unparalleled combination of powerful network probes based on commercial smartphones and a smart web-application that enables seamless monitoring of quality of service and end-user experience based on realtime input.

Telecommunications services are vital elements in society today. Ensuring highest levels of service quality is crucial. Service instabilities and errors that have an adverse effect on the end-user experience must be immediately detected; network and service operation centers must take prompt action before such issues are perceived by the end users. The increased complexity and dynamicity of HetNet networks and the sophistication of services make identification of the real impact on quality of experience a challenging task for traditional approaches.

SmartMonitor helps to reduce the effect of network problems on end users by monitoring the network status in realtime and instantly alerting operations centers when voice, data, video or app-based services fail to deliver the expected quality levels. This is particularly important in critical hotspots such as shopping malls, airports, business districts, train stations and other highly populated areas. The software interface provides straightforward fleet and campaign management, drag & drop configuration of jobs, an alert interface, realtime map-based information, as well as statistics, analysis and reporting – all in one tool.

The remotely controlled network probes can be deployed in selected, decentralized static hotspots or in a large-scale fleet setup, for example in taxis, public buses or couriers, to deliver a realtime view of the network status. Newly connected QualiPoc probes are automatically detected and registered at SmartMonitor. The plug-and-play solution simplifies fleet management dramatically. HTTPS-based communication between probes and backend builds the foundation for secure, cost-effective, realtime communications.

SmartMonitor is a customizable, scalable and future-ready solution that enables large-scale quality monitoring at minimal operational costs.

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