Mobileye chooses Luminar for L4 autonomy solutions

Mobileye chooses Luminar for L4 autonomy solutions

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Under the agreement, Mobileye will work with Luminar to deploy its Lidar sensors for the first generation of its Level 4 Mobility as a Service (MaaS) pilot and driverless fleet in key markets around the world, including Tel Aviv, Israel; Dubai, UAE; Paris, France; and Daegu City, South Korea.

Using Luminar technology, Mobileye intends to upgrade its True Redundancy solution to the uncompromising safety required for SAE Level 4 validation in the autonomous driving scale. The Mobileye solution consists of several separate and independent sensors such as 360° panoramic cameras, lidar and radar. By combining the signals from these sensors, Mobileye says the solution provides significantly greater perceptual accuracy than single sensors, and this approach eliminates the effects of interference from a single sensor.

As of today, Luminar has secured a total of 50 commercial partners across passenger vehicle, trucking, and robo-taxi verticals, representing approximately 75% of major players in the targeted customer ecosystem. The company’s commercial traction has resulted in opportunities to convert 12 of its OEM programs and engagements from development stage into production. Key 2020 achievements across its three key verticals include:

  • Passenger Vehicle – Luminar has secured the industry’s first series production deal for consumer vehicles starting in 2022. Luminar remains on schedule with first Iris sensors now running live on vehicles. Luminar is partnered with seven of the top 10 largest automakers at various development stages, with timelines to series production landing between 2022-2025.

  • Trucking – Luminar is partnered with Daimler Truck & Bus as the largest global truck OEM to commercialize Level 4 autonomous trucks for long-haul highway use cases; Luminar is now also powering all other major autonomous trucking programs globally.
  • Mobility-as-a-Service – Luminar is working with a number of major next-generation autonomous robo-taxi programs, with particular focus on those closer to series production, including Mobileye’s internal Mobility-as-a-Service program.

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