Modular industrial patch panel combines copper and fibre management

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It provides the ideal connection between Belden cables and Hirschmann switches and is designed to have the same look and feel as the Hirschmann range of products. Using patchcords to connect to active equipment, cables can be terminated outside the cabinet in an organised and structured manner to ensure the highest level of reliability. Installation is quick and easy, saving time and significantly reducing initial set-up costs, whilst at the same time contributing to greater reliability and easier and more efficient system management. With a lightweight aluminium structure which increases its overall versatility, the MIPP, can easily be mounted on a DIN Rail, or it can even be fixed at the sides of the cabinets simply using a wall mount plate. Thanks to its small housing, high port density and modularity, cabinet space is kept to a minimum. Up to 6 individual modules can be combined in any permutation to create a large single patch panel, to which, for the first time ever, both fibre and copper cables can be connected at the same time. When required, each module can be removed or replaced for maximum system flexibility. The MIPP is available as single and double modules offering up to 48 fibre connections.
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