The ME chip plugs molecules into electronic nanocircuits to create what the company says is the first class of fully scaled biosensors with single-molecule resolution deployed on standard semiconductor chips.

“The Roswell ME Chip realizes a 50-year vision of putting molecules into chips,” says Paul Mola, Roswell Biotechnologies’ founder, CEO and president, “and I would like to thank our entire team and the scientific pioneers in molecular electronics who made this possible. As a universal, programmable biosensor, the Roswell ME Platform opens a new era of digitizing biology, just as the first microprocessor opened the era of digitizing information.”

The platform translates the dynamic process of molecular interactions into electrical measurements in real-time. The sensor targets are programmed according to the particular molecule wired into the chip, providing for a programmable and universal biosensor platform.

This new kind of single-molecule measurement with resolution for individual binding events, says the company, enables an unprecedented and information-rich view of biology to transform major markets. On-chip results in a powerful biosensor with ultimate scalability for a broad range of applications deployed on smart, compact devices.

The Roswell ME Platform is being developed for applications in drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and sequencing. In 2019, the company formed a partnership with IMEC, a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, enabling the company to develop foundry-compatible manufacturing processes for the innovative Roswell ME Chip.

To support the transition to commercialization, the company has recently expanded facilities, engaged with an elite Scientific Advisory Board, and ramped-up hiring, including adding to its leadership team.

Sandra Schmid, PhD, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub chief scientific officer, and Roswell Scientific Advisory Board member says, “The bold goal of curing all disease this century will require both fundamental advances in understanding biology and new technologies to support personal health and wellness. The Roswell ME Platform offers new power to address our understanding of molecular interactions as well as ways to make this information widely accessible.”

For more, including a series of whitepapers on the platform and applications see “Unveiling The Roswell ME Platform.”

Roswell Biotechnologies

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