More Custom MMIC from Aspen Electronics

More Custom MMIC from Aspen Electronics

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A bit of a misnomer but Custom MMIC, exclusively from Aspen Electronics, have steadily developed a range of catalogue monolithic microwave integrated circuits.
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80% of the products the company now manufactures are standard, “off the shelf” designs. Custom MMIC boasts an extensive library of GaAs-based attenuators (digital and VVA), phase shifters (digital and analog), and switches (SPST, SPDT, and higher), that help circuit designers exercise precise control over the system in preparation.

MMIC broadband low noise amplifiers are the perfect alternatives to costly hybrid amplifiers. They are ideally suited for EW and communications systems where small size and low power consumption are needed. Their 50 Ohm matched design eliminates the need for external DC blocks or RF port matching.

The CMD157 delivers high gain broadband performance – greater than 25 dB of gain – with a corresponding P1dB output power of +10dBm and an ultra low noise figure of 1.5dB. The CMD189P3 is housed in an SMD, 3x3mm QFN package. It operates from 10 to 14 GHz and delivers greater than 19dB of gain with a corresponding P1dB output power of +4dBm with an ultra low noise figure of 1.4dB. The CMD195 is a broadband non-reflective GaAs MMIC SPDT switch in a small die form. It covers DC to 20 GHz and offers a low insertion loss of 2dB and high isolation of 37dB as well as positive gain slope. The positive gain slope feature allows fast switching speeds of several switches cascaded together without the need for gain equalization circuitry. The CMD195 die operates using complementary control voltage logic lines of 0/-5 V and requires no bias supply.

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