More power for RF energy; LDMOS device delivers 750W at 915 MHz

More power for RF energy; LDMOS device delivers 750W at 915 MHz

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By Graham Prophet

This transistor is designed for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications ranging from 700 to 1300 MHz, especially industrial heating/drying, curing, and material welding, as well as particle accelerators. It delivers 750W CW at 915 MHz with 67% efficiency in a 7.6 × 9.7 cm outline.


This transistor, NXP says, brings ease of use to microwave generator designers. It delivers precision, control and reliability compared to vacuum tube-era technologies such as magnetrons. The MRF13750H supports accurate power control over the full dynamic range from 0 to 750W, and enables frequency shifting that helps make precise use of RF energy. It is capable of operating for decades, with minimal performance degradation over time, lowering the total cost of ownership. It operates at 50V, for greater safety than magnetrons. Finally, the small size of a solid-state power amplifier enables redundancy and flexibility of design.

“The reliability and enhanced control features of solid-state have long been understood, but industrial system designers had difficulties combining many transistors to match the power level of magnetrons — until now,” said Pierre Piel, senior director and general manager for multi-market RF Power at NXP. “The MRF13750H delivers performance that enables industrial heating engineers to implement it in very high power systems.”


“Given the many advantages of solid-state RF energy as a highly efficient and controllable heat and power source, the RF Energy Alliance (RFEA) sees endless market opportunities for the technology to improve existing RF energy applications as well as enable new ones,” said Klaus Werner, Executive Director of the RFEA. “The capabilities of the new MRF13750H will undoubtedly accelerate the industry’s transition to solid-state RF technology.”


The MRF13750H is sampling today and will be in production in December 2017. The 915 MHz CW reference circuit is available today.






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