Most popular articles in LED lighting of 2012

Most popular articles in LED lighting of 2012

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LED solution for T8 tube

Fluorescent tubes in general are very efficient in terms of lumens per watt, but their lifetime is very low and this makes them more costly to maintain. LEDs are efficient and have a long lifetime, up to 50,000 hours if they are driven well with appropriate heatsinking.

Seoul Semi quintuples LED brightness with new technology


With a new technology dubbed nPola, Seoul Semiconductor claims it has achieved a breakthrough in LED lighting: nPola LEDs produce 5 times more light that standard LEDs with the same surface. What’s more, Seoul sees the potential for a further tenfold light intensity increase. 


Audi experiments with OLED exterior lighting


At the opportunity of its annual meeting, carmaker Audi presented what it calls a look into its future. One of the next innovations customers can expect from Audi is exterior illumination based on OLED technology.

UK leads in energy efficiency rankings as Germany pushes ahead

Somewhat surprisingly, the UK is leading the energy efficiency ranking of the world’s twelve largest economies, according to the International Energy Efficiency Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

BASF, Philips claim breakthrough in OLED lighting – for car roofs


BASF and Philips claim they have announced a breakthrough in material research aiming at the development of transparent OLEDs. The companies regard sun roofs for cars as a possible application market.

A dimmable, high efficiency, high power factor, primary side regulated flyback for LED Lighting applications

In lighting applications high overall efficiency and power factor correction (PFC) are very important features, not only at higher power levels. Apart from that a ballast design should have good EMI behavior and low cost. This article describes a high power factor flyback converter for LED lighting that implements all these features and can be dimmed with an standard TRIAC based dimmer.


LED Driver Powers Halogen Replacement

Replacing existing halogen lighting without starting over from scratch requires an LED that can be powered from a 12VAC or 24VAC source. LED drivers with constant (DC) LED current however have a very poor power factor when used with an AC source in contrast to the resistive load. But there are means to better this power factor.



OLED – raising lighting to a new level

If silicon-based LEDs represent the state of the art in lighting, OLEDs will be the next generation. The article gives an overview on what is possible with this type of illumination.

Market research: LED light bulb price downtrend curbed

According to the latest price survey by market research company LEDinside, the global LED light bulb price downtrend did not persist in March – 40W equivalent LED light bulb ASP went up by almost 7%, with the uptrend mostly attributed to Japan and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, 60W equivalent LED light bulb ASP dipped by 1.6% in March at US$ 33.


Enabling a wireless smart lighting system – with an internet address for every light bulb

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), in conjunction with wireless connectivity, can deliver a smart wireless Internet-enabled and highly energy-efficient lighting network for use in the home and in commercial lighting applications.


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