The most-read articles on eeNews Analog in the month of May ranged from an Apple law suit to discussion of wafer fab locations, to the politics of ARM to the technology behind non-volatile memory.

The most popular article was about Apple’s filing of a law suit against high-performance RISC-V processor startup Rivos (see Apple sues processor startup for theft of trade secrets).

The issues of semiconductor supply chain security also drew much attention. The Spanish government said it wants to host the making of 5nm chips while Singapore has significantly greater credibility with its chances of attracting TSMC. And after many false dawns hope springs yet again in India, courtesy of Tower Semiconductor, soon to be part of Intel.

Processor intellectual property licensor ARM also hit the news having apparently taken steps to get its rogue Chinese subsidiary under control in April it found the staff at the subsidiary forthright in support of the sacked CEO (see ARM China staff post open letter pledging loyalty to Allen Wu). Meanwhile ARM, the dominant player in the IP market could not help itself from losing market share to Synopsys and others in 2021.

Jalal Bagherli, former CEO of Dialog Semiconductor, has been a successful business leader so when he invests in a startup, people take notice (see Former Dialog CEO helps photonic AI startup raise $11.5 million).

Elsewhere on the technology front readers paid attention to an Algae-powered ARM processor and the publishing of a technical paper on the correlated electron random access memory (CeRAM). And also on the memory front Micron showed roadmap for 3D-NAND flash that extends to 400 and more layers.



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