Motor controller for 12 to 600V operation and up to 24kW continuous power

Motor controller for 12 to 600V operation and up to 24kW continuous power

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Versions are available for a wide range of supply voltages (12-60V, 12-350V and 24-650V). The family is able to drive DC-brush motors as well as 2- or 3-phase brushless DC and AC-induction motors. Field-oriented motor control with field weakening capability is supported by a fully adjustable PID-control with feed-forward and a high-efficiency PWM with parallel modulation (adjustable 15, 20, 25, 40, 50kHz). The exceptionally fast control loop update rate is synchronised with the PWM; e.g. at 40 kHz PWM the current loop runs at 80 kHz, the velocity loop at 40 kHz and the position loop at 10 kHz.

High resolution sensor inputs ensure precise motor control; the current feedback sensor has 16 Bit resolution. Velocity is observed with 32 Bit and the position sensor with 48 Bit floating-bit resolution. Sine-wave or block commutation works with Hall-effect, resolver or encoder feedback or even sensor-less. Velocity feedback can be realised with a DC-tachometer, resolver, encoder or with Hall-effect devices, up to three such devices can be active simultaneously.

A +/-10V analogue command input supports torque or speed control; it is complemented with logic interlocks. Positioning can be commanded via the Ethernet or CANbus interfaces. In addition to CAN and Ethernet the driver offers two RS232, one USB port and various digital and analogue I/Os. The USB/RS232 interfaces support parameter monitoring and configuration. A multiple connector panel option can serve special connectivity requirements. The SWM7S, a shorter housing version without this connector panel, is only 65 mm high.

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