Mouser Electronics supplies OSRAM OSTAR Lighting Plus series

Mouser Electronics supplies OSRAM OSTAR Lighting Plus series

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Mouser Electronics announced the availability of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' OSTAR Lighting Plus LEDs. This is a high-power SMT LED that provides a large amount of light from a small area with high efficiency, impressive brightness, and high color stability.
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These OSRAM OSTAR LEDs contain four chips featuring state-of-the-art UX:3 chip technology and emit either cool white or warm white light. This power pack is very efficient at higher currents and offers high light output thanks to the extremely uniform flux distribution over the entire chip surface. Due to a higher luminous flux over incandescent lamps, OSRAM OSTAR Lighting Plus LEDs provide great opportunities for designing energy-efficient lighting.

OSRAM OSTAR Lighting Plus LEDs can be used in retrofits for incandescent lamps or halogen lamps, and are also ideal for applications where space is limited. Only four LEDs are needed to build a replacement lamp for a frosted 100 W incandescent lamp. The applications for this new power LED include interior lighting for shops, offices, and homes, including many applications that require strong directional light from a small unit, such as spotlighting, as well as applications for outdoor architectural, street lighting, and downlights. To learn more, visit

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