MRAM in SRAM format comes in 1Gbit, 4Gbit capacities

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By Peter Clarke

MRAM vendor Avalanche Technology Inc. (Fremont, Calif.) is using foundry UMC to make what it calls persistent-SRAM components on 22nm process technology.

The persistent-SRAM is based on Avalanche Technology’s Spin Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive RAM (STT-MRAM) technology and is therefore non-volatile.

The Parallel x 32 series is offered as a standard product in 1Gbit and 4Gbit options and has asynchronous SRAM-compatible read/write timings. Data is always non-volatile with greater than 10^14 write cycle endurance and 1,000-year retention (at 85°C).

Both density options are available in a small footprint 142-ball FBGA (15mm by 17mm) package. The devices are offered in the extended (-40°C to 125°C) operating temperature range with a JEDEC qualification flow, where every device goes through a 48-hour burn in before being shipped to customers. There are additional qualification screening options available through partners.

“With this new product release, Avalanche Technology is bringing to market standard products that are truly enabling a variety of applications that require high endurance, reliability and density, but without the need for external batteries, ECC or wear leveling,” said Danny Sabour, vice president of marketing at Avalanche Technology. “The increased ubiquity of sensors constantly recording data and high transaction applications require highly endurant memory that doesn’t wear out. We will also soon be launching development efforts to raise the bar even further toward 16Gbit monolithic solutions.”

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