MRAM startup eVaderis closes, here comes Antaios

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By Peter Clarke

The eVaderis linkedin page states: “eVaderis has been closed. We would like to thank former employees for their great work, thank our sponsors for their support and thank all the followers for following us! Good luck to everyone ;-).”

The company developed a portfolio of IP including memory cells, memory compiler, logic library and optimized subsystem processor with the technology aimed at such devices as MRAM-based microcontroller for IoT, mobile, wearable, infrastructure. eVaderis was working on spin-torque transfer MRAM while Antaois states on its linkedin page that it is working on spin-orbit torque (SOT) MRAM.

Jean Pierre Nozieres – a founder of eVaderis – founded Antaios in 2017, which he now leads as CEO, according to Linkedin entries.

Although different in their underlying principles SOT-MRAMs are made using the same materials and processes as STT-MRAMs currently being manufactured at IDM/foundries. Antaios is looking to recruit a clean room technician to be involved in all stages of production of SOT-MRAM devices.

On its linkedin page Antaios states it will license its technology to semiconductor manufacturers, helping them to improve power efficiency of computing in servers, PCs, tablet computers, smartphones and other mobile devices.

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