Multi-channel driver and inverter IPMs for industrial, white goods and consumer

Multi-channel driver and inverter IPMs for industrial, white goods and consumer

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The LV8714TA is an energy efficient dual stepper motor driver with operating voltages ranging from 4 to 16.5V. With constant current control for its on-chip quad H-bridge channels, this device is capable of driving two stepper or four DC motors independently. The device’s power FETs with total on-state resistance of 0.9Ω for one leg and synchronous rectification type switching allow its power consumption to be kept to a minimum while not in full operation. The device supports a low power saving mode with ultra-low standby current (< 1 µA) in idle state. The internal current sense mechanism ensures loss-less current measurement without any external power resistor. On-chip regulators enable single supply operation of the device and lower the system solution footprint. With an operating ambient temperature range of -20 °C to +85 °C, this device has built-in thermal shutdown, low-voltage shutdown and over-current protection mechanisms that enable a reliable system solution. Among the wide variety of applications that this device addresses are security camera systems, point of sale (PoS) terminals, document scanners and multi-function printers.

STK5Q4U352J-E and STK5Q4U362J-E are 600-V rated integrated power modules with an internal bootstrap circuit for high side gate drive. Offered in a DIP format, these modules contain all the key functionality required for high voltage 3-phase motor drive implementations. They can be incorporated into air conditioning, industrial motor control, washing machine, dish washer and refrigerator designs. The IPM’s output stage employs IGBT/FRD technology to delivers a highly effective single control power supply with internal bootstrap circuit. All of its control inputs and status outputs are at low voltage levels, in order to make them directly MCU-compatible. Under-voltage protection and trip input for shutdown are included. Peak output current is 16A for STK5Q4U352J-E and 20A for STK5Q4U362J-E.

The LV8714TA in a 9 x 9 mm 48-pin TQFP package is priced at $2.99 (10,000) unit quantities. The STK5Q4U352J-E and STK5Q4U362J-E are iin 18.2 x 29.6 mm DIP modules for $5.80 and $6.00 respectively (also 10,000).

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