Multi-channel narrow-band industrial transmitter/receiver pair

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The units function as 434MHz 10mW ISM band radio modules, with a communication range of 600 yards or more. The “P” versions (CDP-TX-07MP, CDP-RX-07MP) allow frequency setting to be performed externally. The CE-compliant CDP-07M receiver has excellent interference rejection characteristics and fulfils the requirements of the highest EN300220 receiver standard, Category 1. The receiver’s double-superheterodyne design is equipped with a SAW filter, ensuring the high sensitivity and excellent selectivity needed for stable and long range communications.

The CDP-07M model has four preset frequency channels, selectable by solder jumpers on a circuit board. With the CDP-07MP version, channel selection is via two pins on the module which can be externally driven. The preset channels can be pre-programmed to four frequency choices selected from 67 frequencies in the 434MHz ISM band by using a supplied PC program. Circuit Design has kept the same user interface as previous models while at the same time updating the internal circuit design for the long-term stability and life needed for industrial applications.

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