Multi-contact connector with continuous EMC shielding

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The round, single-pole connector is has been designed for use in rugged conditions, such as those encountered with slurry or ‘mud’ pumps in the oil and gas industry. It provides touch protection when in the unmated state, while bayonet fixing ensures a secure connection. The shielding provides electromagnetic attenuation of 65 dB up to 100 MHz. The connector has been tested to IP65 and IP67, both when mated and with its captive sealing caps in place. A remote indication of whether the connector is mated can be provided with an optional microswitch. The connector is rated to 1000 V and the rated current is 530 A. Plug and socket are colour coded, and accept cable with cross-sections of 120-240mm2. High quality screwed glands ensure reliable contact with the cable shield without impairing its integrity.

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