Multi FPGA prototyping platform is Intel Stratix 10-based

Multi FPGA prototyping platform is Intel Stratix 10-based

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By Graham Prophet

Assembled with four pluggable Intel Stratix 10 SG280-based FPGA modules, the quad system offers a capacity of up to 80million ASIC gates: up to five proFPGA quad systems with (in total) 20 FPGA modules can be connected to increase capacity up to 300million ASIC gates. The proFPGA quad system has 32 extension sites, with a total of up to 4104 FPGA standard I/Os and 96 high speed serial transceivers, which offer a maximum flexibility for interconnections and for adapting standard proFPGA daughter boards or application specific extension boards such as DDR4 memory, USB 3.0, SATA, GB Ethernet or PCIe Gen3/4.

The monolithic Stratix 10 FPGA technology combined with the compact proFPGA system architecture and the high-end PCB layout with length matched signal lines, offers high signal integrity—it achieves a system speed of up to 1 GHz. The system achieves a single-ended point-to-point performance of up to 1.0 Gbps surpassing the standard I/Os, and performance of up to 17.4 Gbps with the transceivers.


The system is equipped with a mechanical construction that aids efficient FPGA cooling, high robustness, and easy system handling.


The high-speed proFPGA SG 280 system is fully compatible with the previous proFPGA generations. That means all proFPGA motherboards, FPGA modules, daughter cards and accessories can be used in combination with the proFPGA SG 280 FPGA module. Users can mix and match the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA technology with the existing Xilinx Virtex 7, Virtex UltraScale and Zynq FPGA technologies on the same motherboard.


The proFPGA system comes with the proFPGA Builder software, which provides features such as advanced clock management, integrated self- and performance testing, automatic board detection and I/O voltage programming, a system scan- and safety mechanism, and quick remote system configuration and monitoring through USB, Ethernet or PCIe.


“Pro Design’s proFPGA prototyping product family and its system concept is a great complement to Intel’s latest and largest 14nm FPGA, the Stratix 10 SG280,” said Jordon Inkeles, director of product marketing, Intel Programmable Solutions Group. “By providing impressive levels of FPGA speed, performance, number of I/Os and capacity, Stratix 10 SG280 and proFPGA customers will be able to leverage joint Intel and Pro Design technologies to prototype and verify their latest and most sophisticated IP, ASIC and SoC designs.”


The proFPGA quad SG 280 system is available for early adopter customers in March 2017. Its general availability will be in Q4 2017.


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