Multi-LED inspection lamps meet ASTM specs for FPT and MPT

Multi-LED inspection lamps meet ASTM specs for FPT and MPT

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The lamps are engineered with four ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs for fluorescent inspection, plus a white light LED for flaw location. The broad-beam configuration produces a wide coverage area of up to 13 cm, with a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,000 µW/cm² at 38 cm. The lamps can be hand-held or used for in-line inspections to examine the structural integrity, safety and reliability in aircraft, pipelines, bridges, trains, platforms and buildings.

The QUADRAN 365 S-Series NDT inspection lamps are available in two models, QDR-365SA and QDR-365SBLA. To address aerospace industry concerns, both units are ‘tuned’ to a maximum UV-A intensity of 4,500 µW/cm² at 15 inches (38 cm). The QDR-365SA comes with a standard faceplate and the QDR-365SBLA comes with a faceplate containing integral black light filters that further reduce the emission of wavelengths longer than 400 nm. Both models have a high/low switch to control the white light LED output. The white light LED’s high-intensity setting is 300 foot-candles (3,229 lux) and the low setting is 10 foot-candles (108 lux).

A certificate of compliance for both wavelength and output measurements is supplied with each lamp.

Also available are the QUADRAN 365 MS-Series portable, battery-operated AC/DC lamp kits. Along with the QUADRAN 365 S-Series UV lamp, the kits contain a rechargeable NiMH battery pack, AC and DC cord sets, a smart AC charger and UV-absorbing glasses. All components are packed in a soft, lightweight carrying case.

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