Multi-mode wireless charging demo kit handles all current standards

Multi-mode wireless charging demo kit handles all current standards

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By Rich Pell

The EPC9121 demonstration kit simplifies the evaluation process of using eGaN FETs and ICs for efficient multi-mode wireless power charging systems that can cut across any standard used in the receiving units.

There are, EPC notes, two industry standards to which end products are being built – the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) standard and the AirFuel Alliance standard. These two standards are based upon two different technologies for accomplishing wireless power charging. The Qi standard, based on inductive coupling technology, uses a low frequency (<300 kHz) approach, whereas the AirFuel standard uses a magnetic resonant technology and has both low frequency (100 kHz to 315 kHz) and high frequency (6.78 MHz) requirements.

EPC offers the EPC9121 as the first implementation of a single amplifier multi-mode solution, with a single transmitter that can power a receiver built using either standard. GaN enables high efficiency for both low and high frequency modes in a solution saves space and lowers cost.

The 10 W EPC9121 demonstration system has four components:

  • A multi-mode capable EPC9511 source (transmitter or power amplifier) board designed to be compatible with all the wireless standards. It can operate at either high or low frequency.
  • A multi-mode source coil (transmit coil) compatible with both the AirFuel Class 2 standard and Qi (A6)/PMA standards.
  • An AirFuel compatible Category 3 AirFuel device coil (receive coil) with rectifier and DC output.
  • A Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and Power Matters Alliance (now AirFuel) compatible device coil (receive coil) with rectifier and DC output.

The EPC9121 wireless power charging demonstration system is priced at $907.20 and is available from Digi-Key.

EPC9121 10 W Multi-Mode Wireless Power Kit

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