Multi-site contacts boost automotive and industrial power device testing

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By Nick Flaherty

Automotive power electronics ICs are complex and have stringent test requirements. Typically this limits how many ICs can be tested in parallel, and this inhibits the cost-effectiveness of modern highly parallel manufacturing test strategies. The Diamondx platform, with a range of power and automotive instrumentation featuring SmartMux, provides more parallel operation for maximum efficiency.  The VI1x is the latest member of this family of instruments, providing a balance between measurement quality and highest parallel test efficiency.

The VI1x uses a fully discrete channel design to deliver up to 100mA in the +/-60V range and up to 300mA in the +/-20V range, while offering force and measure current accuracy as low as 1.2nA.  With a 64 channel SmartMux topology, the VI1x  reduces loadboard PCB complexity, speeding time to market and reducing cost and risk associated with leading-edge automotive and industrial power management devices. 

“The Diamondx already offers an impressive range of automotive and industrial instrumentation products, and the VI1x is the latest member of this family,” said Christopher Lemoine, Product Marketing Director. “Coupled with the AT1x instrument, the VI1x offers a complete solution for CAN and LIN bus testing, including specialized loads, detailed timing measurements, and high voltage leakage testing. The high power HPVIx and FPVIx handle high power devices up to +/-100V and up to 5A, respectively, with the ability to combine instruments for higher current or voltage. All of these instruments feature SmartMux technology, to enable higher multi-site, higher uptime, and faster time to market. The benefits for our customers are higher yield, lower cost, and better responsiveness to a fast-changing market.”

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