Multichannel streaming/recording on AXIe wideband digital receiver

Multichannel streaming/recording on AXIe wideband digital receiver

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The multi-module synchronisation is for the M9703B AXIe high-speed digitiser/wideband digital receiver. Bundle options (-CB1/-CB2) enable multichannel phase coherent digital down conversion (DDC). With up to 320 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) with tunable intermediate frequency, this high-speed digitiser meets the needs for new technology development in 5G wireless mobile broadband. Used with the recommended host computer configuration, the new options allow guaranteed recording time, storing all I/Q samples for later analysis. A command line software application is included in the bundle for an easy launch and control of the streaming and recording.

As a component of the Keysight solution, the M9703B AXIe high-speed digitiser/wideband digital receiver (bundles -CB1/-CB2) allows users to quickly characterise the channel behaviour in these frequency bands and enables researchers to develop the necessary channel models for designing and validating air-interface alternatives.

“In dense urban RF environments where an interoperability and compatibility challenge may exist, the functionality of the -CB1 and -CB2 options allows users to capture and record a long duration of large frequency bands on multiple phase coherent channels,” said Pierre-François Maistre, R&D project manager for the Wideband Digitizer Components group of Keysight’s CMS Division. “This new capability allows users to characterise all emitters and distortions in the RF environment, including their timing relationships to other RF systems and enable an accurate post data processing, which is used in 5G channel sounding applications.”

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