Multicore ‘string processor’ pioneer Aspex sold to Ericsson

Multicore ‘string processor’ pioneer Aspex sold to Ericsson

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Aspex Semiconductor, a UK vendor of parallel processing accelerator boards, has been sold to Ericsson AB for an undisclosed sum.
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 The company’s website at states that the "ongoing business" and the Aspex team transferred to Ericsson with effect from July 31.

A local report states that Aspex has repaid loans of £1.75 million (about $2.7 million) since March 31 and that Spark Ventures plc expects to receive more than £7 million (about $10 million) after completion of the sale.

Aspex, a spin-off with connections to Brunel University was founded in 1999 to develop a multiprocessor technology known as associative string processing. While the technology was generally applicable Aspex from time to time sought to focus on particular applications to try and gain traction in the market. 

It ended up specializing in the development of software programmable media processors, based around its ASProCore DSP fabric, created and maintained by an engineering team including system architects, SoC designers, embedded software developers, and video compression algorithm specialists.

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