Multilayer ceramic coils inductors boast 180nH at 100MHz

Multilayer ceramic coils inductors boast 180nH at 100MHz

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TDK-EPC presents the TDK MLG0603S series of multilayer ceramic coils with what the company claims to be the world's highest inductance values. These 0603 inductors feature an inductance of up to 180 nH at 100 MHz and are already available in volume. To increase the inductance, TDK-EPC optimized the coil electrode design, and achieved a greater number of thinner layers through materials and process technologies improvements.
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As a result, the existing lineup of products, which previously offered inductances up to100nH, was expanded with the addition of six new components with inductances ranging from 110 to 180nH. The 0603S series lineup now includes 62 components (E24 series) with DC resistance values ranging from 0.1 to up to 8.5 Ω, rated currents from 50 to 600mA, and inductances from 0.3 to 180 nH. The ceramic coils have an operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C and are designed for use in the RF circuits of mobile communications devices such as mobile phones and smartphones.

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