Multiple improvements for machine learning system

Multiple improvements for machine learning system

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Falkonry LRS 2.0, says the company, has in field trials provided unmatched performance, visualization, and scale, enabling customers to realize rapid improvements in the uptime, quality, safety, and yield of their industrial operations.

“Users expect a responsive, scalable, consumer-grade experience, like online maps, when reviewing operational data,” says Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO of Falkonry. “With Falkonry LRS 2.0, we provide one place for users to store, review and analyze all their operational data, where it can be used immediately. This will allow customers to quickly gain insights and solve real operational problems that can save millions of dollars annually.”

As companies digitize their operations, manufacturing and process engineers need to review increasingly vast amounts of operational data that is spread across many sources. The new Falkonry LRS product, says the company, speeds up operational data review and machine learning results for users and delivers significant benefits in three key areas:

  • Performance: With a 100X improvement in inference speed, the product
    • Allows more data to be processed with fewer devices in edge deployments scenarios
    • Allows vast amounts of historical data to be enriched
  • Visualization: By reviewing and managing all operational data in one place, users can
    • See trends instantly over larger amounts of data
    • See model results and confidence levels alongside the explanation of how individual signals impact those results
  • Enterprise Scaling: Simplifies large predictive operation applications across the enterprise by
    • Securely managing user access in large installations with support for Enterprise Single Sign-on
    • Improving support for common data integration scenarios

The new capabilities and features in Falkonry LRS 2.0, says the company, enable it to offer the following:

  • Deliver rich, responsive and unified visualization of signal data to ensure no user interface lag as the number of variables, density or volume of data increases. Intuitive gestures such as selection, zoom and pan provide a consumer-grade experience.
  • Speed up operational data review and machine learning so customers can intuitively find time periods in signals that deserve attention. Enables robust data ingest and improved management of events. Includes a data overview that identifies the total time range available in a datastream.
  • Scale up to growing enterprise needs by including enterprise security integration and a full view of operational data across the enterprise in one place. Users can run multiple trained models in production.

For more, see the Falkonry LRS 2.0 FAQ.


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