N-channel MOSFET transistor in a TDFP offers high temperature benefits

N-channel MOSFET transistor in a TDFP offers high temperature benefits

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The device is available in a thin dual flat pack (TDFP) hermetically sealed Ceramic SMD package, as small as 5×5.5 mm (PCB footprint).

The transistor is capable of switching a current up to 1 A (continuous) or blocking a voltage up to 80 V with a drain cut-off current as low as 10uA at 225°C. In repetitive pulse conditions, it is able to handle peak currents up to 3.3 A at 225°C.

The NMOS8001 is a logic-level device, i.e. it can be directly driven by a 0-5V logic signal. The gate is protected by anti-series diodes, with ESD rating up to 2 KV HBM, allowing a negative gate-to-source bias which gives more flexibility to circuit designers.

With a static on-state resistance (RDS-ON) of 0.76 Ω at 25°C (1.56 Ω at 225°C) and a total switching energy of 413 nJ (at 40 V/1 A), the CHT-NMOS8001 offers a perfect trade-off between conduction and switching losses for current switching in the range between 100 mA and 500 mA, e.g. in low-power low-voltage flyback DC-DC converters.

The CHT-NMOS8001 will find its use in a number of designs involving low and medium power switching, power management and signal conditioning in applications like Oil & Gas (down-hole tools and smart completion), aeronautic, industrial and aerospace.

Availability and Pricing

The CHT-NMOS8001 can be ordered now for sampling and evaluation under the part number CHTPLA4091A-TDFP16-T. Pricing starts at 107.27€/unit up to 200 units.

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