Nanoco and Plessey partners on QD-based microLEDs

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Using its existing monolithic process, Plessey will integrate the Nanoco CFQD quantum dots into selected regions of blue LED wafers to add red and green light. This approach shrinks the smallest practical pixel size from today’s 30µm to just 4µm, a reduction of 87%. The process will enable the production of smaller, higher-resolution, microLED displays in applications such as AR/VR devices, watches, and mobile devices, while enhancing both colour rendition and energy efficiency.

For pixels of 30µm or greater, colour conversion is currently performed by adding phosphors to the blue die. However, since the smallest phosphor particle is around 30µm, the efficiency of colour conversion deteriorates as the pixel size shrinks.

Nanoco’s CFQD quantum dot technology overcomes this limitation while facilitating efficient, compact device packaging. Plessey’s President of Corporate and Business Development Mike Lee anticipates the company could deliver microLED display with pixels as small as 4µm before the end of 2019.

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