Nanoimprint lithography: try before you buy

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Possible new product developments relying on NIL could include LEDs and photovoltaic (PV) cells, where NIL-enabled photonic structures can improve light extraction and light capturing, respectively, as well as laser diodes, where photonic structures enable the tailoring of device characteristics to improve performance.

The new center includes dedicated, global process teams, pilot-line production facilities and services at its state-of-the-art cleanrooms at EVG’s headquarters in Austria as well as its subsidiaries in North America and Japan.

"Nanoimprint lithography is an enabling technology for the design and manufacture of all kinds of photonic structures, which can significantly shorten time to market and lower cost of production compared to conventional technologies, such as electron-beam writing and stepper systems for optical lithography," stated Markus Wimplinger, corporate technology development and IP director at EV Group.

"For example, compared with conventional lithography, our full-wafer nanoimprinting technology can pattern true three-dimensional structures in the sub-micron to nano-range as well as features as small as 20nm, which opens up a range of new photonic applications” he added.

“With the NILPhotonics Competence Center, we give potential customers the possibility to bring their own wafers and come with their own ideas to try out new processes” told us Clemens Schutte, Director of Marketing and Communications at the EV Group. “We are a true solution provider, not just selling equipment but also helping customers develop and optimize the right process for them”, he noted.

“For prototyping, the pilot lines we have in-house can bridge the equipment’s delivery lead time for several months, so a customer can start production earlier even though a machine may not be ready for shipping yet” Schutte concluded.

EVG’s NIL equipment portfolio includes the recently introduced EVG7200 UV-NIL system, which supports EVG’s next-generation SmartNIL large-area soft NIL process for high-volume manufacturing.

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