Navigation on Mobile Objects and 3D Access (NOMAD) project yields “Interaction” software toolbox

Navigation on Mobile Objects and 3D Access (NOMAD) project yields “Interaction” software toolbox

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These solutions include new human-machine interaction techniques for future smartphones, tablets etc, adapted to more complex usages and sophisticated applications. The partnership explored new kinds of interfaces for mobile devices, by using MEMS motion sensors and 3D graphics, while also creating hardware and software platforms and an open-source community to further develop the resulting technology.

Several technological solutions came out of this project, including an “interaction” software toolbox that allows the creation of innovative user interfaces with integrated 2D and 3D graphics rendering to create alternatives to the traditional window, icon, menu and pointing-device interfaces. A “motion” software toolbox enables designers to use motion sensors (accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes) for implementing new “in-air” cursor control and gesture-based media content navigation as well as a hardware and software platform (Linux & Android) for the development of future smartphones were also a result of this project. Demonstrators were developed following a user-centric approach, based on technological building blocks from the project.

Partners in the project include Myriad Group and ST-Ericsson (large companies), Calao Systems and Movea (SMEs), as well as CEA-Leti and LIG – Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (Research institutes).

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