NetSpeed, UltraSoC aim to cut SoC development time – Webinar tells how

NetSpeed, UltraSoC aim to cut SoC development time – Webinar tells how

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The two companies have integrated their solutions, including UltraSoC monitors, debug ports, and analytics, to work seamlessly with NetSpeed infrastructure.


A joint webinar on 2nd November 2017 will provide more details of the technology behind the collaboration.


In the era of heterogeneous system architectures, SoCs have moved from CPU-centric design to system-centric design. This requires a different approach that focuses on the end-application and takes into account factors such as dynamically changing traffic profiles and varying workloads early in the process. This approach requires greater insight into the interactions among the various subsystems and components on the chip itself.


UltraSoC’s embedded IP enables designers to create an on-chip infrastructure that non-intrusively monitors a chip’s behaviour, both hardware and software. It is designed to give engineering teams a holistic view “inside” SoCs and help get designs working quickly and reliably. In development, this IP provides designers with an intimate understanding of the interactions between on-chip processor blocks, custom logic, and system software. UltraSoC IP also makes it easier to integrate the device into end-products with benefits in terms of safety, security and performance. It enables analytics, forensics, and optimization features that provide continual analysis, even after the product has been shipped to the end customer.


“Today’s SoCs, particularly those used in the most demanding applications including automotive, hyperscale computing, and mixed reality, rely on a flawless and efficient interconnect such as NetSpeed’s coherent on-chip network IP,” said Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO. “The integration of UltraSoC’s monitoring and analytics capability with NetSpeed’s interconnect gives chip architects and designers an unprecedented ability to quickly understand how ultra-complex SoCs behave. This can have a dramatic effect on development schedules and budgets by reducing engineering time and effort, and getting high quality products out much faster.”


The two companies already have a number of mutual customers, one of which is developing a very sophisticated SoC with the support of UK-based IC design services consultancy Sondrel. Kevin Steptoe, VP of Engineering at Sondrel, commented on the partnership: “Traditional SoC design techniques are struggling in the modern world of very complex heterogeneous many-core designs. Netspeed’s NoC architecture enables us to very efficiently develop a powerful interconnect, with certainty that performance is guaranteed by design. Meanwhile, UltraSoC complements this with their rich system-level analytics, which dramatically eases customer software and hardware integration.”


Webinar, 2nd November

The Netspeed and UltraSoC webinar entitled: Debug, Analytics, NoC, and beyond… Exploring uncharted galaxies of interconnects! Will take place on November 2, at 5:00pm GMT/18:00 CET. More details of the webinar and registration are here.



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