New automotive connector spec speeds EV charge time

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The decade-old J1772 connector spec originally defined AC Level 1 and AC Level 2 charge levels and specified a conductive charge coupler and electrical interfaces for AC Level 1 and AC Level 2 charging. The new revision, announced Monday (October 15), incorporates DC charging, defining DC Level 1 and DC Level 2 charge levels, charge coupler and electrical interfaces.

Thanks to the addition of DC charging capability, the charging time can be cut to as short as 10-20 minutes, according to SAE.

The standard was developed in cooperation with the European automotive experts who also adopted and endorsed a combo strategy in their approach.


The charging configuration for DC Level 1 is 200-500V DC, up to 40 kW (80 A), delivering an estimating charging time (with a 20 kW off-board charger) is 22 minutes for a plug-in hybrid and 1.2 hours for a battery EV.

For DC Level 2, the numbers are 200-500 V DC, up to 100 kW (200 A) with an estimated charge time (45 kW off-board charger) of 10 minutes for a PHEV and 20 minutes for an all-battery vehicle.
Complete configurations can be found here. The new spec can be found here: J1772™: SAE Electric Vehicle and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Couple.

Said Gery Kissel, GM Engineering Specialist and SAE J1772 Task Force Chairman, "We now can offer users of this technology various charging options in one combined design."


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