New controller range for energy harvesting applications

New controller range for energy harvesting applications

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SOTB technology is intended to reduce power consumption in active and standby modes.

The new group will consist of already released controllers, which have been redesignated and completely new ones. The RE01 Group (formerly known as the R7F0E embedded controllers) will be the first of the RE Family and it now in mass production. The RE01 Group Evaluation Kit has also been launched to allow developers to jump-start RE01 designs.

The RE01 Evaluation Kit has a board with an RE01 embedded controller, an interface for the energy harvesting device and a rechargeable battery interface. The kit is expandable with an Arduino-compatible interface for sensor board evaluation and a Pmod connector to add wireless functionality. An ultra-low power MIP LCD expansion board is also included. The kit has sample code and application notes for power management design, eliminating the need for battery maintenance, and driver software for CMSIS, Arm’s Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard. Sample code for ultra-low power A/D converters, digital filter and FFT (fast Fourier transform) routines, 2D graphics MIP LCD displays, and secure boot and secure firmware update functions for improved security are available.

IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm which can use the high efficiency IAR C/C++ compiler, and e2 studio which can use the free GNU compiler are available for the developmental environment.

SOTB process technology achieves low active current and low standby current and high-speed operation at low voltage. RE01 embedded controllers are based on an Arm Cortex-M0+ core operating at up to 64 MHz. They offer up to 1.5 MB of low-power Flash memory and 256 KB SRAM. The RE01 can operate at voltages down to 1.62 V. The line-up offers three package versions: a 156-pin WLBGA package, a 144-pin LQFP package, and a 100-pin LQFP package. The RE01 also includes an energy harvesting control circuit, an ultra-low power 14-bit A/D converter, and a low power circuit that can rotate, enlarge, or invert graphics data.

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