New generation of lighting-class LEDs offers breakthrough in price efficiency

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The XB-D LED delivers twice the lumens-per-price of other LEDs, in the industry’s smallest lighting-class footprint of 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm. with this footprint, the XB-D LED is 48 percent smaller than the XLamp XP package and thus suits for lighting applications where high lumen density and compact light sources are required. This generation of lighting-class LEDs can enable significantly lower prices for LED lighting products by using up to three times fewer LEDs, three times fewer optics and substantially smaller circuit boards than current designs, promises Cree.

Leveraging Cree’s silicon carbide technology and expertise, the XB-D LED delivers up to 139 lumens and 136 lumens per watt in cool white (6000K) or up to 107 lumens and 105 lumens per watt in warm white (3000K), both at 350 mA and 85°C.

XB-D LEDs are also compatible with most existing XP family secondary optics, which can speed the optical design process and create direct cost savings for existing XP family-based designs. Samples are available immediately and production volumes are available with standard lead times

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