New Infineon boss pushes high voltage DC for smart grid power transmission

New Infineon boss pushes high voltage DC for smart grid power transmission

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“High voltage DC transmission and reactive power recovery are the key issues for the smart grid,” said Dr Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon who took over six weeks ago. “With this even on existing lines you can increase the capacity by almost a factor of two,” he said at the Electronica CEO forum.
However this would require a whole new infrastructure and he acknowledges it can only be addressed slowly. “You cannot solve the issues acting at any one point, you have to think about how to store energy, how to sell it and how to supply it, but we have to step into it gently,” he said. “The opportunity will start and will open up ways to solve the biggest problems of energy.”
This would be a key step to creating an ‘Internet of electrical power’ where power can be directed to and from individual devices. "The challenge is to highly utilise the power net, so you have to change the infrastructure or use what you have more efficiently," he said.
This also has to be done in a user friendly, secure way, he says. "Not everyone want an electrical enginers at home when something goes wrong so there must be high ease of use a very reliable," he said. "It must be secure from the very first moment."
All of this opens up opportunities for new service providers providing equipment and managing smart devices in the home. "That’s a service that you need to make society accept smart grids in their life," he said.

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