New kid on the powertrain controller block: Scaleo

New kid on the powertrain controller block: Scaleo

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Targeting motor control applications in internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV), the microcontrollers are designed to face stringent emission and fuel economy regulations such as the Euro 6/7 and CAFE standards. The products enable leading edge powertrain architectures with centralized engine and transmission control or combined electric motor control and powertrain supervision.

OLEA is a real-time multi-core, hardware flexible, safe and secure microcontroller family featuring unique patented technologies that surpass any competitive solutions, available and upcoming:

With a range of patented technologies, Scaleo believes it has good chances to compete against the ancestral silicon providers in these environments. These technologies include

  • The AMEC (Advanced Motor Events Control) technology, a hard real-time, deterministic and parallel signal processing unit directly controlling and interfacing actuators and sensors. Its core technology relies on the unique combination of a Flexible Logic Unit (FLU) and Powertrain-ready Peripherals set (PrP).
  • The SILant (Safety Integrity Level agent) technology is a set of safety features to ensure the highest system integrity at both hardware and software level. Built around a multi-core architecture, SILant incorporates hardware safety mechanisms, achieving ASIL-D ISO 26262 compliancy.

OLEA is based on a multicore architecture embedding standard CPU cores. Two 32-bit Cortex-R5, one in lockstep configuration, are optimized for real-time, safety-critical, compute intensive tasks. A 32-bit Cortex-M0 enhances I/O processing operations.

For debug, test and calibration, OLEA integrates a JTAG port and an ARM Serial Wire Debug compatible with automotive tool vendors. For on-chip events traces and data measurements, OLEA offers within its Emulation Device an extend trace memory together with an Aurora Gigabit and an ARM ETM trace port. This solution enables real-time measurements, diagnostics and MCU timing extraction.

The architecture also incorporates an ASM (Access Security Module) which offers application protection against malicious hardware and software attack due to tampering, theft and fraud.

OLEA is available for evaluation with OLEA Starter Kit boards.

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