New Ku-band downconverters for satellite TV receivers consume 50-percent less current

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The new downconverters are the most recent additions to NXP’s leading portfolio for satellite LNB, including other discrete products such as oscillators, amplifiers and switches, to provide complete coverage for all LNB architectures.

The TFF101xHN family offers simplicity and integration in a leadless 16-pin package with a conversion gain ranging from 37 dB to 45 dB. They also offer integrated phase noise of 1.5 degrees RMS and a low noise figure of 7 dB. Additionally, this high level of integration guarantees the stability of the local oscillator (LO), which improves overall system reliability by eliminating LO drift over lifetime due to temperature changes.

For satellite LNB makers, assembly is also made easy due to the high integration level of functionality and minimum requirement for external components. The TFF101xHN family comes in four fully RF-tested versions with pre-set LO frequencies, which significantly reduces the need for manual adjustments on the production line, speeding up the manufacturing process and time to market, as well as lowering operating costs.

The Low Noise Block downconverter is the device at the front of a parabolic satellite dish antenna that receives the very low level microwave signal from the satellite, amplifies the signal and converts it to a lower frequency band in order to send it down the cable to the indoor receiver. The Ku band (Kurtz-under band) is primarily used for satellite communications, particularly for editing and broadcasting satellite television.

The TFF101xHN family is backed by NXP’s proprietary QUBiC4 SiGe:C processes and RF intellectual property (IP). NXP’s industry-leading QUBiC4 technology, available since 2002, has been widely deployed in the field and offers more consistent parameter performance compared to GaAs technology. It speeds the migration from GaAs to silicon and delivers more functionality in less space. High integration reduces the design footprint and enables more cost-competitive designs. It also improves reliability and offers significant savings in manufacturing expenditure.

The TFF1015 and TFF1017 are available immediately via distributors. TFF1014 and TFF1018 will be available early October 2011.

More information about the TFF1014, TFF1015, TFF1017 and TFF1018 downconverters at


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