New quantum computing company is ‘world’s largest, most advanced’

New quantum computing company is ‘world’s largest, most advanced’

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By Rich Pell

The new company, named Quantinuum, is claimed to be the largest and most advanced full-stack quantum computing company. Through its impressive scale and proven technology leadership in quantum hardware, software and research and development, says the company, it will shape the future of what is projected to become a $1 trillion industry over the coming decades.

“The formation of Quantinuum marks an important milestone for the quantum computing industry,” says Darius Adamczyk, chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell, and chairman of Quantinuum. “Quantinuum customers will now have access to the world’s first quantum operating system, applications, and hardware-agnostic software, all of which will be used to address extremely challenging business needs with which conventional computing systems struggle. The combination of the quantum industry’s top talent, growing customer base, and most comprehensive technology will position Quantinuum extremely well for future growth.”

Quantinuum’s products and solutions support cyber security and encryption, drug discovery and delivery, material science, finance, natural language processing and optimization across major industrial markets. These products are delivered in an integrated manner and are compatible with a variety of quantum hardware processors, including the system Model H1, powered by Honeywell, and also IBM’s suite of quantum computers.

Ilyas Khan, chief executive officer of Quantinuum says, “The pace and scope of engineering advances, innovations in algorithm discovery, and the development of early-stage quantum software has picked up markedly in the past 12 months and is now ahead of most projections. Quantinuum is an accelerator for the quantum computing ecosystem as a whole, and I am thrilled and honored to be able to lead the new company as we enter a critical phase in the birth of the quantum computing sector.”

The company says it has recently announced groundbreaking advances in the financial industry by enabling quantum Monte Carlo simulations; conducted the world’s largest experiment in quantum natural language processing, a key enabler of artificial intelligence; announced commercial projects in critical areas of drug discovery that will enhance humanity’s well-being; and provided all quantum software developers open access to “tket,” the world’s most popular independent quantum software development kit. Quantinuum’s System Model H1 quantum computer, powered by Honeywell, recently achieved a quantum volume of 1,024 – the highest measured on a commercial quantum computer to date, with further advances to be announced in the near future.

The company says that it will introduce a new cybersecurity offering in December. Its first – and flagship – product is not only the first of its kind but is offered as a technology that cannot be done using classical computers and thus the first genuine quantum product for use in the real world.

Quantinuum has a staff of nearly 400, over 300 of whom are engineers and scientists that include some of the world’s leading quantum computing experts. It has offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, Japan and Germany, and is an IBM Quantum Hub.

Honeywell has been an investor in and commercial partner of CQ since 2019, and now owns a majority stake in Quantinuum. Additionally, Honeywell and Quantinuum have entered into a long-term agreement for Honeywell to help manufacture the critical ion traps needed to power Quantinuum’s trapped-ion quantum hardware. Honeywell’s businesses will continue to serve as a proving ground for the new company’s quantum offerings.


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